Baby Girl A Ryder

Baby Girl A Ryder

There is nothing more exciting to do on a sunny day in L.A. than to cruise the beautiful city in an eye-catching vehicle like the Polaris, better known as a sling shot.

The Polaris is not an everyday vehicle. You wouldn’t want to ride it on a extremely sunny and hot day, however, this day was perfect. The sun was out and the temperature was around 77 degrees.  Although the breeze was perfect, the wind  kept blowing my hair all over the place, mostly in my face. So I stopped at Nordstrom and purchased this beautiful hat, which complimented my outfit.

This day was full of excitement and adventure. It was my first time riding and driving a three-wheeled motorcycle. Boy, was it scary and fun! The Polaris demands attention, so do I, wink-wink!

Nothing tops the day off like a warm smile. I hope that you all are having a pleasant day!

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