My last minute trip to Las Vegas

My last minute trip to Las Vegas

One of the greatest things about going to Las Vegas is that you get to feel like a kid again but with adult privileges.  While in Las Vegas you relax, live for the day and not worry about tomorrow. Everyone seems to be in a happy spirit, with an exception of the gamblers who took a big loss.

I arrived to Las Vegas late in the afternoon.  I chose to stayed at Bally’s hotel which is directly across the street from the Mirage Hotel, where they host my favorite water show.

It’s a must that you go see the water show at the Mirage hotel when visiting Vegas. I went the weekend that they were supposed to do a Game of Thrones water show, but instead they did a Lady Gaga one to her classic “Poker Face”. The irony of them choosing that song. I enjoyed the water show very much.

The next day I had breakfast at my favorite restaurant on the strip, The Hush House, it’s inside The Linq hotel. The food there is delicious!  I order my usual, the waffles and sage chicken dish. You get two chicken breast, four waffles and a side of 4 pieces of bacon. They have the best sage chicken that I have ever tasted! They increased their prices since my last visit in 2015. This dish cost $25.00.

After breakfast I decided to head over to see the beautiful scenery at the Venetian Hotel. My plans was sidetracked after I heard a party going on at Harrah’s hotel bar located on the strip. You know I had to go check it out. There were two brothers jamming to Motown finest 1970’s classics. I had to participate in the festivities. As I made my way to the dance floor that the bar patrons created, I grabbed a lady hand to go dance with me. We had a ball! Two strangers dancing like long time friends. We were living and enjoying the moment.  I had to do the Bus Stop aka The Electric Slide. If you’re not familiar with the Bus Stop dance click here.

After busting a sweat at Harrah’s, I finally made my way to the Venetian Hotel. I promise you that this place never disappoints! If you love a beautiful scenery with a touch of serenity, the Venetian Hotel is the place to visit. They give you an experience of being in Paris. And if you love taking pictures, like me, the Venetian will be your paradise. Don’t just take my word for it, look at my amazing pictures.


“If you love a beautiful scenery with a touch of serenity, the Venatian Hotel is the place to visit.”

On my way back to the hotel I decided to go check out the Wax Museum. They had a lot of celebrities who I loved wax figures there.

I especially enjoyed the way they separated the wax figures by genre. When you first enter the building, you go up an escalator into a room with movies stars wax figures, one exception is Hugh Hefner. The next room was full of pop stars, but ironically, they had B.I.G aka Biggie Small in there next to Madonna. Strange, I know! The following room had R&B, Rock, Hip Hop & Pop Stars  wax figures in there. The last two rooms where my absolute favorite. They set up the room as if it was a scene from the movie Hangover. They had a bar with a real bartender where you could purchase beverages. I am not sure if they sold alcohol beverages. The last room was a tribute to Las Vegas finest performers, movies stars who played in block buster movies about Las Vegas and the visionary himself, Las Vegas creator Bugsy Siegel, we shared a drink. LOL. “It was all a dream!” Liberace the stylish flamboyant entertainer, Sammy Davis Jr., Lou Rawls, Robert De Niro, and Ol’ blue eyes himself Frank Sinatra.

They had many more, but those are the ones that I can remember. As you can see from the pictures, I thoroughly enjoyed my last minute day trip in Las Vegas.

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