Dear Santa, Where’s my gift?

Dear Santa, Where’s my gift?

I may have been a tad bit naughty, but I was mostly nice!

Christmas season is my favorite time of the year. I love everything about it: the music, food and gatherings.

People are normally in a joyful mood during this time of year. You see friends and relatives that you haven’t seen in a while. 

Christmas brings back a lot of wonderful memories to me. I remember when I was younger my entire family would go over to my maternal grandma house to eat and celebrate the holiday. My grandma was a great cook. I learned how to cook from watching her and my mom. Oftentimes she would let me help her prepare some of the meals. My favorite dishes of hers was the desserts! Her cakes were rich with flavor and fluffy. I would stand in the kitchen impatiently waiting to lick the blender blades clean of cake batter. My Grandma would create her own recipes and cook everything from scratch. I never  witness her use a measuring cup or look into a cook book. Somehow she knew just the right amount of seasoning to use. Sometimes she would use my younger cousin and I as her testers. She knew that we were young food connoisseur. She was the first person I know to put fruit in her jello. I still remember the flavor Jello she would make, black cherry. My all time favorite dessert of hers was her sweet potato pie. Once when my birthday fail on Thanksgiving she gave me a entire pie to myself. Having a pie to myself was a big deal. My grandma had 11 children and over 22 grandchildren at that time and a host of friends who stopped by to eat. Everyone loved her cooking and her house was the place to be for the holidays. I mean it seemed like everyone we knew came to Madea aka Lena Mae house for the holidays.  Oh how I miss those days. 

How was your holiday? I’d love to hear about it. I hope that you all had a delightful Christmas!




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